Intuitive approach

With this tutorial, in few more than ten minutes, you're going to browse the uses of the Salient Design software. This tutorial is intended for those who are acquainted with general software uses and their interfaces, letting their intuition guide them in the first steps.

Of course, we recommend the basics tutorials to move forward methodically. But intuition is important in the creative mechanisms. That's the reason why we decided to start with this magnificent approach!

The basics

Creative controller, Salient Art, Layers, Color harmonizer and Edition are the windows arranged within the main interface of the software. Each one of them has a tutorial to get acquainted with its functions and interface. Two other interfaces are available via the menu: Garden & Kaleido, representing the two tools of multi-creative automation of the software. A tutorial is also present for both of them.

Creative Controller

The Creative controller or Kabuto (its nickname in the team) is the first tool you need to adopt in the Laoviland Salient Design software to start creating. It is a very powerful tool that extracts consistent visual matter from the source image that is loaded into the software. The Kabuto is 7 parameters which you can play with to obtain a new visual material, visible in the Salient Art window.

Salient Art

Salient art allows to live visualize the transformations obtained by playing with the Creative controller, and has a certain number of functionalities yet increasing the software's potential. With 2 tools: its visual customization panel & its graphical restructuration field, it varies graphical appearance of the model by staying very close (personalization) or getting very far… until making the source image unrecognizable in the obtained graphical composition. This opens a huge creative field to shape design ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate pattern.


Each time a creation arrives in the window Edition, its layer appear in the window Layers. The layers can hence originate from 4 sources: Salient Art, the multi-creation automation interfaces Garden & Kaleido, as well as via the Edition area and its design layer.

Layersis about valuable automatic features to ease graphical and creative research: its multi-stain selection, its function Merge... Color tone & Color rotation to play with color trends…

Color Harmonizer

Color harmonizer allows to freely work on colored composition of your creations. It's in its harmonic circle that you will play with colors and their inclination to hue or saturation. Its numeric field quantify this search. And its harmony selector (or multi-color bar) comes to apply on your compositions up to 6 colors.


Edition is the main visualization window of Salient Design. It has its own creation instruments: tools-positions panel & shape transfer menu, bringing a work on shapes and able to create a special kind of layer: the design layer.


The Garden is one of the 2 interfaces where automation is multi-creative. The graphical proposals are generated following your choices. 4 modes exist - manual pursuit, pop design, white color and automatic mix. Its community beta version is set up to generate from 34 (automatic mix) to 300 compositions (manual pursuit).


The Kaleido is one of the 2 interfaces where automation is multi-creative. This combinatorial tool will surprise you by the power of its proposals and ease of its creative approach. Design is the heart of its applications. Kaleido foreshadows the implementation of the Laoviland perpetual wave.