Salient Design

3 reasons to choose Laoviland Salient Design, the extraterrestrial software for your creative uses!
Unprecedented graphical proposals focused on visual recognition
Assisted Creative Automation & time saving

Copyright-free usage of picture bases

Whatever raster or vector pictures… In a few clicks visual matter rises from loaded images. Graphical proposals are quickly obtained with control over it, to support creative automation with a manual part. Two patents cap off this new-potential software. The first one whispers in its interface allying beauty, well-being of use and creative intuitiveness. The second one roars in the hold, marked by visual recognition.


Using Salient Design is flying a creative UFO

where beautifulness recomposes before our eyes, leaving copyright light-years before... and which futuregazed ability drives us to our imagination.

  • An extraterrestrial software for design and patterns at will ! Templates, patterns, logos... Our creative DNA of technician-poets gave birth to this software able to answer any graphical need for covering and object & surface design.
  • Vector power with endless perspective, thanks to the unique approach of its search engine. By thinking behind the picture the confluence of shapes... stains... curves... the vector line arises in a wider range of proposals, differently revealed.
Source image
  • New possibilities of personalization and modification of your photos where visual recognition gives birth to art of shapes responding to each other, to open up on pictorial compositions which reveal themselves as surprising and harmonious.
Source image
  • A multiplier tool for your usual uses, provider of new-aesthetics material, also usable with all your software.
Salient Design & Illustrator

This software will speak to your imagination AND help your inspiration. Enterprises, schools, teachers, photographers, artists… A new conversation with your creations and the others.

To get started with Salient Design, it's quick!

Intuitive format allows in few more than 10 minutes to browse the uses of Salient Design. Find out more

The basics tutorials allow to progress in a methodical way in the appropriation of the Salient Design software. Find out more

To create with Salient Design is simple.

The creative sleeves are made for it ! Find out more


  • Q: Why are your software so beautiful?
    R: Because the colors were waiting for us to flourish.
  • Q: Why?
    R: Because.

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