Our art

Salient Art

At the crossroads of art, connected networks And cultural engineering Creation places us As artists at the service of technology

Andy Warhol central figure of Pop Art inspired our approach He didn't only make manufactured products artistic But also popularized massive production of art itself By minimizing his role in the production of his work And by declaring that he wants to be « a machine » Warhol triggered a revolution in art.

We recognize ourselves in his thinking And wish to create a new paradigm of art By the artists of Laoviland And by the community of all those who will Use our tools and knowledge As it was for Pop Art!

With our know-how and our tools We position ourselves as artists Originating a new artistic movement Disclosing its unprecedented graphism on pictorial art and the design of spaces Covering, stagecraft, creative interactivity And objects Lines, patterns, textures This art and digital graphical practices are what we call Salient Art.

Before getting there,it's been a long journey.

We had to understand many things. And give birth to others.

In the beginning, everything started by viewing a videogame trailer. Pascal had the idea… This was a new relationship to image. Something that slowness came to cause and that emerged from its encounter with image. And this encounter, before even knowning why, struck us by its power.

And so, the quest began.

ADOPTION of the image

It must be said that we grew up with the Marvels… We traveled back to our childhood. Some say, one successful life is a childhood dream that comes true. The real story of Peter Parker aka Spiderman and his doomed love with Gwendoline Stacy… How they lived, how she died, amazed us.

Thus, at this project start, this was a tribute to our childhood's Marvel that gave birth to it.

So we started to learn to un-balloon these visuals from our childhood.

We unballooned thousands of them.

After spending sometimes hours on the same image, something started to come on our eye lighting, as unballooning is browsing each time an image with slowness. And from slowness to picture, there was only one step. Something appeared then, that we crossed in due course, which gave birth to the first concept that framed the LAOVILAND Experience project. We gave it the name of ANIMATED STRIP (AS).

The Animated Strip

Many AS came next. We carried on our work on image on the comic strip sector by extending it to other authors.

CAZA for example:

Original comics

Thereafter, naturally, it was normal to focus on pictorial art and on visuals from our early years.

In Montpellier, there was back then a very important exhibition on Caravaggio. But we didn't make it meeting the managers of the organizing museum.

Adoption of the animated strip

It's the meeting of the patrimonial sector that made our concept of Animated Strip evolve. And with it, the vision of our project of Start-up of the Creative Industries. First, by focusing on the shark theme, and the duality conveyed through reality and imagination it has been subject to since men translate things into pictures, to our days.

But this is with the meeting of the patrimonial sector, and notably by meeting Lionel Pernet, who was in charge of the archaeological museum of Lattes, that the notion of interactive picture in connection with the AS did happen. And more important… that the confrontation between artistical realization and computer development started, at Laoviland, to appear.

The museographical experience of the AS obliged us to place picture at the heart of scenography… Because as a place of object positionning and visitor traveling, any exhibition offers the opportunity to live, at the contact of physical objects, sense experiments. This natural and human interaction with the environment, gave us food for thought, about digital extension that our artistic media could offer to each one. Our first app for museum, thus, was born.

Hence, we had our first technological skirmish under the form of an interactive application for tablets, placed into the archaeological museum of Lattes then into the European center of Bibracte, placing our artistic work and the AS at the heart of a scenography technologically interacting with the circuit proposed to the visitors.

We could try to enter this market and that's all. But that didn't suit us. Our first mutation was on the way. By participating to a workshop in the context of an architectural project in which we collaborated in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, this was an opportunity to make emerge a certain meeting between shapes and images. And to advance further in the ideation of the Laoviland Experience project.

The Research
By partnerships

So, originally, we are artists who started to care about movements on one picture, in a somewhat singular way… and to the ways to animate pictures. We quickly came to the conclusion that there is room for a new media illustrating this approach, a solution of creation, production, and diffusion of images and animations realized using visual and sound materials, intended for ambiance, communication, valorization and mediation.

At this moment, we are on a singularity, artistic but of course manual using existing technological tools.

That means, if at start the idea was to do that artistically and manually… turned towards what exists, in contact with stakeholders of innovation, and by dint of using the digital tools in an often unconventional way, the project evolved by letting grow up the other vision: what didn't exist.

And at one point you start to stop saying "These tools do that, that, that…" but "they don't do that, nor that, nor that."

And here, the artistic vision becomes technologically innovating… at least, this is when we went meeting the reseachers and laboratories. To do so, however, we had to follow some ways way more classical and academic than what I'm writing can tell. Finally this wasn't very funny to live this phase of the Laoviland Experience project through the filter of the innovation networks during all these years. But this was the price to pay to get beyond the stage of the simple project. We thus entered the innovation network Synersud in Montpellier. Notably, we learned in the Business Innovation Center (BIC) during 3 months everything that an innovative business project could mean. Then, we went through Alter’ Incub during 6 months. DELL went along with us during one year. And without the incubator of Context Art we wouldn't have got the juridical means to start as quickly with museums. But this is the Pépinière Multipolaire du Cœur d’Hérault which accompanied the Laoviland Experience project in long-term. And Gilles Lucato at Transferts LR was a key person to provide us the springboard we needed to meet the laboratories.

We were award winner "concours national 2013 d’aide à la création d’entreprises de technologies innovantes catégorie Emergence" of the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur & de la Recherche.

And as often… the research led us elsewhere, and this elsewhere, we had to live with it… As we didn't have the financial means to go further!

At the heart of the start-up

And this is how the internal research at the heart of Laoviland took over.

The Laoviland Experience system

To be continued…